Will a radiator cabinet cause loss of heat?

Hallway Wood Veneer Radiator Cabinet

We are often asked whether bespoke radiator cabinets cause loss of heat.

The short answer is no. A correctly fitted radiator cabinet will be large enough to fit neatly around the radiator without touching it – allowing air to freely flow.

When you have a radiator cover or cabinet installed by Kingston Cabinetry, your home is improved in a number of ways.

Aesthetically – utilitarian, scruffy or old radiators are concealed from view by a beautiful piece of furniture.
Additional storage – we can incorporate much more than just the shelf space on top – drawers, bookcases, whole media units, coat racks – the options are endless.
Safety – protect children from the direct heat of the surface of a radiator as well as from sharp corners and exposed pipes that will always tempt little fingers.
Heat efficiency – Each Kingston radiator cabinet is lined with silver foil specifically designed to create a positive airflow that pushes heat back into the room. This means that instead of valuable heat being lost into cold external walls and windows, the heat is channelled back into the room.  This tried and tested technique can improve heat efficiency by as much as 95%.

A bespoke radiator cabinet will be tailored to your radiator allowing easy access to valves and thermostats.