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There are many benefits of having a radiator cover with storage above, including its versatility and easy installation. But the most important considerations are the type of material it’s made of, how it reflects heat, and which style will best match your home decor. Read on for more information. Below are some helpful tips to find the best type of radiator cover for your home. Also, be sure to check out the following tips before making your final decision.

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A versatile radiator cover can provide additional space in a small space and still remain aesthetically pleasing. The addition of a bookshelf or shelving area above the radiator is an excellent option because it will fill an awkward space. These radiator covers can be custom made by Kingston Cabinets. A custom radiator cover can be crafted with advanced techniques and designs. You will also find that you can purchase a unique radiator cover.

The design and materials of the radiator cover also ensure optimal heat distribution and a built-in radiator shelf will provide extra useful space above the radiator.

A versatile radiator cover can add functionality to a room by using it as a console table, extra shelf, or storage space. They are an affordable way to make your radiator look attractive while still giving you space to store your things. Check out more smart design solutions for small spaces in our STUDIES AND HOME OFFICES section of our website. When it comes to decorating your space, there are endless options. And with so many choices available, it’s impossible to go wrong.

If you want to be creative with your radiator cover ask our design team.

A radiator cover is a great way to hide the heating element, while still adding some much-needed extra space. The table-like top of this design can be used to store several small objects, and it features a solid MDF construction that can support the weight of many small items. This design is also available in pine, oak, reclaimed scaffold board, or painted MDF. It also features functional drawers on runners.

You can purchase one by measuring the length of the radiator and the outside edge of any valves and pipes. You’ll also want to add two cm to allow for clearance for a pipe or valve.

The beauty of a Radiator Cover is its ability to conceal the piping and valves of a radiator. Aside from preventing unnecessary heat loss, radiator covers also look great and offer a layer of safety. They also keep your radiator cooler than the exposed radiator surface. With the above-mentioned benefits, you can’t go wrong.

Wooden radiator covers look great and blend well with natural wood trim. However, they do not reflect as much heat as metal radiator covers. Alternatively, you can choose MDF, which is much cheaper than hardwoods, and use it as the material for the radiator cover. You can also add reflective foil to the cover if you want to increase the heat output. And if you prefer a traditional look, you can combine MDF and metal grilles together.

Choosing the right paint colour for your radiator cover above is essential. A pale grey shade will look great next to a dark wood or black tiled floor. Bold colours, like orange and yellow, should be saved for the living room.

In case you don’t have enough space, you can also use a bench instead. A radiator cover with a storage above is an excellent solution. This type of storage can be useful when you need to keep items in a safe place. However, make sure that there is enough room above the radiator to make a sturdy bench. You can then use the extra space as storage. It will still be safe and secure, so don’t forget to consider all safety measures before you install a radiator cover with storage.

You can customise your radiator cover with different colours, designs, and feet. It is also possible to add cove moulding around the screen openings for a more finished look. Custom radiator covers can be made with lazer-cutting techniques and can be built to fit a particular radiator. Custom radiator covers can be custom-made to fit your existing radiator or a larger one in the future.

Choose a style that matches your existing décor and the style of the room. Traditional designs are popular in many homes, and modern radiator cover designs are not far behind. You can select a style that is similar to the traditional style, but do not forget to take measurements of the pipes so that you know how much space to allow for air. For a radiator cover, you must measure the height and depth of the radiator, which should be at least twice as big as the depth of the storage space.

The styles to choose for radiator cover depend on your preferences and the room’s decor. If you want to use the storage space as an extra surface, look for a radiator cover with shelves that are a bit taller. In addition to adding storage, you can also use the space above your radiator as a hallway table. Choosing a simple style will cover the radiator without revealing its age or committing decorating mistakes of previous owners.

You can also choose a style that has panels on the top of the radiator cover. Typically, radiator covers that have a door with hinges can be raised 1 inch off the frame for easy access to the controls. If you do your radiator cover yourself, make sure to raise the door at least one inch above the frame for a neat placement of seat cushions. In this way, you can easily adjust the cover to level itself.

There are a variety of designs available on the market, including custom styles. A simple radiator cover can be transformed into functional furniture by adding a piece of wood or stone to the top. If you’re not comfortable with customizing, you can make a simple heat shield cover for your radiator. These can be made of painted MDF, oak, or reclaimed scaffold board. Many radiator covers with storage above feature functional drawers. Some of them even come with runner runners so that you can easily slide them into and out of the table.

Can you use radiator covers on storage heaters? Yes you can.
Do you lose heat with radiator covers? Radiator covers are designed to focus the heat down and into the room and help prevent loss of heat via walls and windows.
How much clearance do you need for a radiator cover? We usually add 100mm to length, 70 to height and 60 to depth. We can take this closer with the use of internal scoops to ensure clearance and air flow.
Can you put a shelf on a radiator? Yes you can put shelves on radiator covers!

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