Custom Made Radiator Cabinet Profile Options

The design of each of the custom made radiator cabinets within the Kingston Cabinetry collection has their unique profile, drawing attention to the high quality finish and exquisite design.

Custom Made Radiator Cabinet Corner Profile Options

All the custom made radiator cabinets can be finished with round or square cornered tops. The round corners offer an additional safety feature to a custom radiator cabinet, whilst maintaining the quality and design of a Kingston Cabinet.

Round Corner

Square Corner

Manhattan Corner

Custom Made Radiator Cabinet Colour Options

As standard Kingston Cabinetry’s wooden radiator cabinets are available in a high quality white or cream paint finish. Kingston Cabinetry can also colour match to any paint of your choice. All Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, Crown and many more colours are available.

Wooden Finished Radiator Cabinets

All Kingston Cabinetry products are available in any paint finish and colour match including Farrow & Ball, Little Green, Dulux and Crown, as well as in a wide choice of wood finishes including mahogany, oak, walnut and maple.

Colour Matched To Your Home

Staining To Match

If you are colour matching, with expert craftsmanship Kingston Cabinetry can stain the wood to match to any wood samples, ensuring that your bespoke wooden radiator cabinet matches your requirements and will complement your room perfectly.





Custom Made Radiator Cabinet Grille Options

Painted in any colour or metal grilles in silver, gold, brass and chrome finishes, selected to suit your home and style. Kingston Cabinetry offer a range of stunning bespoke radiator cabinet grille designs which add style and efficiency to the radiator. As standard supply, Kingston Cabinetry offer any of the below grille options painted to your specification. Our frameworks allow for any grille style to match your tastes as the are fully interchangeable. Should you wish to contrast, we offer metal grilles in silver, gold, brass and chrome finishes in all styles as below. Should you have a specific bespoke radiator grille design in mind that is not featured below, contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Compass Rose


Four Leaf Clover


mini compass rose

regency cross