Radiator Cabinets – Two Reasons Why Bespoke Are More Cost Effective

Manhattan bespoke radiator cover

Bespoke radiator cabinets not only add a great deal of visual style and elegance to a home, but serve a very practical purpose too, one which could save money and help heat your home in a much more energy efficient way.

Custom made radiator cabinets are always preferable to those which may be prefabricated, since they will be far more sturdy, last much longer, and perform in a much more efficient way. A wooden radiator cabinet is subject to a great deal of heat, and in many cases a degree of moisture. This places increased strain on the wood and the joints, which is why radiator cabinets made specially to order will perform far more effectively and provide years of use.

In days gone by almost every home would enjoy a traditional open fireplace around which the family would gather. From the point of view of interior design we would refer to this as being a focal point of the room. However, with more efficient central heating now available, in many cases the only focal point in evidence is the television! Traditional radiators don’t bring a great deal of beauty or elegance to a living space, and it’s no surprise that they become ignored.

When commissioning a bespoke radiator cabinet you can choose include useful features such as shelves, drawers, even coat stands and TV cabinetry creating a functional piece of furniture that is unique to your home.