Modern Radiator Covers

Modern Radiator Covers

Our modern radiator covers – the Manhattan range – are designed to complement a more contemporary interior.

Clean lines and a sleek finish lend themselves to a minimalist feel, while offering all the benefits of a bespoke radiator cabinet –

Safety – radiators get hot. At least they should! Children and animals are often drawn to the warmth and intriguing spaces around domestic radiators – this can lead to burns and trapped fingers (Not to mention dozens of lost toys!). There is always a small risk of malfunction too – where radiator might give off jets of steam etc. Well fitted radiator cabinets remove these risks.
Protect soft furnishings – curtains, drapes and other textile embellishments can be at risk from the heat and moisture levels associated with radiators. Often coming with a high price tag, these important elements of your interior would benefit from a radiator cabinet and the protection they provide to enhance their longevity.
Increased heat efficiency – a well designed and fitted radiator cabinet, with industry approved backing foil, could increase your radiators heat efficiency significantly. Where before heat was lost to the wall behind and windows above – a radiator cover will concentrate the heat into the centre of the room.
Creating a useful piece of furniture – Kingston Cabinetry modern radiator covers can be turned into something much more than a simple cover. We can incorporate secret drawers, shelves, window ledges, seats, even whole coat racks! Our dedicated design team work with you to develop a piece of furniture to suit your home and your needs perfectly.
Aesthetics – radiators are rarely designed to be a focal point. Often aged and rusty there is no cheap option to replace a whole heating system – a radiator cabinet allows you to instantly update your home. Whether colour matched to blend perfectly or in a contrasting finish – a radiator cover is guaranteed to add to your home.
Our contemporary radiator cabinets come in white or cream paint finish of exceptionally high quality. Kingston Cabinetry are able to match any colour if you have a specific colour in mind.

All Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, Crown, Zoffany, Laura Ashley, Annie Sloane, eico and many more colours are available. The standard modern radiator cabinet finishes are mahogany, oak, walnut and maple. But a wide variety are available.

With expert craftsmanship, Kingston Cabinetry can stain the wood to match to any wood samples, ensuring that your bespoke wooden radiator cabinet matches your requirements and will complement your room perfectly.